To connect and expand your network and contacts is more important than ever

I’m Ayesha Hassan

a Strategic Stakeholder Relationship Builder

who helps companies and organizations to improve and reach their engagement objectives in an effective, smart and connected way.

I am passionate about initiatives focused on women & youth, family and eco-friendly approaches.

Let's connect your organization

to the next level!

Retain me to help you:

Expand global contacts

Outreach to broaden networks and relationships to achieve objectives

Facilitate meetings

and workshops

Manage and run discussions, panels, workshops to deepen needed conversations, profile issues

Stakeholder engagement

Map/assess current stakeholder engagement approaches and activities across teams and support leaders to integrate

these goals in their relationships and activities

Board advisory work
Contribute expertise to company/organization Boards as a member with global experience

"Serving on the World Computer Exchange Board (WCE) is a gratifying experience. Helping WCE to expand their network, partnerships, sponsors and build the "inspire girls" programm have been key areas of my focus as a board member" - Ayesha Hassan


"Deep, professional approach"

“….I have known Ayesha for many years, and have seen her take on different challenges. She brings to each a deep, professional approach. Among her accomplishments is her ability to create, and to keep on developing, strategy relationships with companies and organizations.……”

Maria Livanos Cattaui

former Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Commerce

"Building coalitions across sectors"

 "…. Ayesha has a real talent for establishing positive working relationships with key contacts, presenting her clients’ interests and points of view, listening to others and then building coalitions across sectors to positively impact the outcomes…..”

Bill Graham

Senior Fellow at Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

"Ayesha has been a significant contributor to ITU's WiC pilot program"

"Ayesha has been a significant contributor to ITU's Women in Cyber Mentorship pilot program (WiC). She was a pleasure to work with; her deep understanding and natural capability for outreach and awareness raising brought important elements to getting this program strengthened. Her passion for empowering and mentoring women was energizing and helped not only our team, but also the participating mentors and mentees. Speaking for myself, I sincerely enjoyed working with Ayesha and our team was fortunate to have this opportunity to leverage her experience and network. I highly recommend her to any organization for similar engagements."

Orhan Osmani

Senior Coordinator (Cybersecurity)

at International Telecommunication Union (ITU)