Engaging your

stakeholders is

more important

than ever

I’m Ayesha Hassan

a Strategic Stakeholder Relationship Builder who helps companies and organizations - especially those with an interest in women & youth - to improve and reach their engagement objectives in an effective, smart and connected way.

Let's connect your organization

to the next level!




Mapping/assessment of current stakeholder engagement approaches and activities across teams

Strategy development

Development of strategy to improve engagement opportunities, and train teams to implement the strategy effectively

Support Leaders

Support leaders to integrate stakeholder engagement goals in their relationships and across the board in their activities


"Deep, professional approach"

“….I have known Ayesha for many years, and have seen her take on different challenges. She brings to each a deep, professional approach. Among her accomplishments is her ability to create, and to keep on developing, strategy relationships with companies and organizations.……”

Maria Livanos Cattaui

former Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Commerce

"I highly recommend her"

"...Her passion and talents for building relationships are clear on the personal level, extending into businesses that cross sectors, geographic boundaries, and cultures...... it isn't unusual for the best of companies and organizations to underestimate the importance of strategically building and engaging supportive networks. I highly recommend Ayesha for any company or organization that is questioning whether this could help them or that wishes to strengthen their existing capabilities....."

Walda Roseman

CEO, CompassRose International, Chair, Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

"Building coalitions across sectors"

 "…. Ayesha has a real talent for establishing positive working relationships with key contacts, presenting her clients’ interests and points of view, listening to others and then building coalitions across sectors to positively impact the outcomes…..”

Bill Graham

Senior Fellow at Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

"experienced in developing and executing strategic plans"

"...Ayesha understands what it takes to create, nurture and grow relationships between people and how to strategically engage organizations in partnership. She is experienced in developing and executing strategic plans to create networks and partnerships that deliver value, growth, impact and resonance.... If you are looking to create partnerships and networks to produce successful outcomes for your organization, Ayesha is a person you can trust to hear your intentions and help you turn them into reality. "

Brian Cute

Principal, the Eastham Group

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